Maximize Your Fat Metabolism to Lose Weight! 

4 Times Calories Burning  Slimming Underwear loses fat on your lower body for a visually trimmed tummy & thighs.
Constructed with Anti-Cellulite Technology that increases body heat while in contact with the skin, the shaper boosts fat tissue breakdown & metabolism.
The optimal compression flattens the abdomen & removes bulges for achieving an hourglass figure and toned silhouette.
Perfect for exercise, for normal daily routines, or any physical activity. Say Goodbye to Water Weight!

Real-life cases:



  • Instant waist-trimming & thigh shaping effect
  • Heats up your core to maximize fat loss
  • Boosts thermogenic activity to stimulate lipid metabolism
  • Removes excess water & toxins accumulated 
  • Provides optimal compression to flatten abdomen & eliminate bulges /muffin tops
  • Easy wearing with a perfect snug fit 
  • Excellent moisture wicking ability 


  • 1pc X 4 Times Calories Burning  Slimming Underwear


  • Material: Latex-free Neoprene